Fiscal Conservative

Ryan Spain will fight for a comprehensive balanced state budget that doesn't spend more than we bring in. He opposes income and property tax increases and understands we need pension reform and other fiscal reforms to close our budget deficit. Ryan will be a fighter for infrastructure improvements needed to fix our crumbling roads and bridges across Illinois.

Fighting Government Intrusion and Overreach

As a Peoria Councilman, Ryan understands first-hand the problems created by perpetual mandates and uncertainty coming from Springfield. He's fought to protect local government funding from raids and sweeps as he believes government closest to the people is the most accountable to the taxpayers. As Director of Government Relations at OSF Healthcare, he's been a frontline fighter against government intrusion into issues of religious freedom and liberty. 


Protecting our core values and rights

Ryan Spain is a lifelong Republican, who is pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. He is a strong conservative with Central Illinois roots and the strength to stand up for the core values important to families. Ryan and his wife, Ashley, raise their young daughters in Peoria where they are extremely active in giving back to their community through their time and servant leadership